Ellie’s Bakery Relocates to the Alice Building

Ellie’s Bakery Relocates to the Alice Building

It is with great excitement that our team is announcing the relocation of the much loved Ellie’s bakery to the Alice Building at 250 Westminster Street.

Ellie’s has long been a staple in the downtown Providence community, first opening as Cornish’s inaugural retail tenant in the then newly renovated Biltmore Garage on Washington Street in 2012. Quick to outgrow their tiny first home, Ellie’s relocated to their most recent home on Weybosset Street. Now, with the Weybosset location being sold, the Ellie’s team returns to a Cornish property in the Alice Building, where they will reopen in summer 2024.

The same skilled team will be lead by Ellen Gracyalny, the proprietor, and Matthew Varga in the kitchen.

Ellie’s is preparing to embark on a new chapter, with this larger and more central location at the corner of Union and Westminster Streets. From day one, the restaurant will serve breakfast and lunch, with the expansion into an evening wine bar in the fall.

“We were facing having to close Ellie’s,” said Gracyalny. “We noticed the 250 Westminster Street location listed for lease and began discussions with Cornish. We are so thankful to the Cornish team for supporting us through this transition and are excited about returning to our original roots alongside the InDowncity community.”

Cornish has a long-standing relationship with Gracyalny and her restaurants. In 2005, Gracyalny opened the beloved Gracie’s on the ground floor of Cornish’s Harkness building at 194 Washington Street.

The new location will seamlessly continue the indoor and outdoor seating Ellie’s is known for, ensuring guests feel right at home. It will also offer guests proximity to the new Grant’s Block Park for ample outdoor seating. Ellie’s will host regular classes and events and is available for private events.

Gracyalny radiates boundless enthusiasm as she eagerly awaits Ellie’s upcoming journey. “The team is filled with anticipation as we prepare to warmly welcome guests to our new home on Westminster Street,” Gracyalny notes. She expresses deep gratitude for the invaluable role that Cornish Associates has played in this endeavor. Gracyalny and her team are excited to become an integral part of the vibrant downtown Providence community, with Ellie’s poised to become a beloved addition to this bustling neighborhood.

Ellie’s will open in their new home at 250 Westminster Street in summer 2024. To keep up with the latest news from Ellie’s, visit their website and follow them on instagram. More information about Ellie’s on the indowncity website.

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